Senin, Januari 11, 2010


Hi, this is not Rerechan's entry.
It's P#3's entry.

I'm sure everyone already watched the James Cameron 3D film AVATAR right?
So, what do you think? Is it just another beautifully done 3D film that only satisfied your vision and immagination or there's something else behind it?

I decide to write this entry  because I can still read about AVATAR's success in the box office around the world and there's one thing that I never read about in those box office success article (or maybe I haven't find the article yet).

To me, AVATAR is like a mirror. A huge mirror that's suddenly put in front of every living (or dead) human being that walk (walked) this planet, so we can all see what we've done and are doing to this planet. Destroying it. Slowly but sure, we are destroying our own planet, our only home, the only place in this universe where we can live (for now - because, who knows, maybe one day we can actually live on the moon or other planets). Like what Jake said to the Tree of Souls the night before the battle. We killed our own mother (nature).

Talking about mother nature, did anyone realize that our nature is showing weird behaviour? extreme weather (cold & hot), the rise of the sea level, the melting of ice in the coldest places in this planet? massive natural disaster that killed thousands of people worldwide? Would you see it as a sign of mother nature's warning that she's hurting and wants us to stop whatever terrible things that we do to her or just another normal natural disaster that happens elsewhere but our home?

Again, quoting Neytiri's words to Jake the night before the battle, " The Mother only protects the balance of life". It makes me wonder, if all the weird signs mother nature is showing us now is to prevent her from hurting us even more than we hurt her. Because either way, mother nature will win. Whether this planet will be green again or will all be nothing but sun and sand or snow covered land, she wins. Maybe that is the way she protects the balance of life.

Or, maybe it's just me......

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