Senin, Januari 04, 2010

Do u ever get that feeling...

When ur holding money in ur hand u just can't wait to spend it all at once? I mean, u see all that money on ur hands and u think to urself: 'Okay, what's the fastest and easiest way to spend all this money?'

And this is happening all-the-time.

I'm sure my friend Jun have the same feeling as me but lucky for her, she have a very strict mother who saved all her money and give her allowence like a 15 year old. Lol. I think its a.good thing, especially if u haven't learn how to manage ur money.

Funny thing, though, I love to watch Oprah and when the show is talking about money management, I got all excited, thinking; I can learn this, its easy, how come some people just have no respect on the money they earn so hard? And so on. Such noble feelings when the truth is, I am no different from them.

So I'm thinking to re-think how I view money. I'm getting tired to do this unbreakable devils chain of having money, spend it all before the end of the month, have no savings when I could save a few thousand (rupiah), playing too much out of town (jakarta, bogor, depok and soon, jogja), not thinking enough about my parents share, etc.

So, #in2010... Wish me rich! *halah*

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