Rabu, Januari 06, 2010

Have you heard?

I got the job!! Oh. My. God! It feels like a blessing in disguise! Except the fact that I think I'm not grateful nor thankful enough to the Lord for everything Allah has gave me.^^

Ok, so I'm being a little religious here. Its kinda sweet, huh? Lol! Its just that the timing couldn't be anymore perfect. Just when I was feeling a little depress cos of my bad money management, and its getting worse in this period of time.. Well, I'm not PNS yet and there's so much to pay around the house, I'm not sure I can afford it. And that's when this news come to my ear. My net friend Manda, who really hate Japanese and Korean stuff suddenly asked me where can she get the latest news about Korean and Japanese news.

So long story short, Manda was working as a blog writer for her friend, writing about the latest news of Kpop and Jpop. Its like my dream job! To write about something that I actually like! And getting paid for it! Its not much, only 3k per post but in a week? A month? Like, 5-10 posts a day? That's a lot of money! Oh, God how much I was relieved when Manda told me that there's still vacancies for the job, and I could take the job right away. And I did it right away... I just posted 5 entries for the blog and I totally love it! The only weakness is... My office internet connection is working perfectly fine but the computer (and laptop!) Is not working!

So I have to go to warnet. Sigh.

I love warnet but I usually go there to watch videos that I like, not to work.

I need smart ISP.

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