Rabu, Januari 13, 2010


Hashtag itu adalah hashtag yang dibuat oleh www.twitter.com/mommiesdaily sebuah site yang mengumpulkan para ibu-ibu dari seluruh indonesia untuk saling berbagi tentang kegiatan mereka sebagai seorang ibu dan juga sebagai seorang wanita dan istri (or single parents). I think the site is pretty good but I'm not really that interested cos I'm still single and childless. But when I read people that I follow (mostly from @fashionesedaily) I found out that the site is going to give away 1.000 UHT milk box to childrens in the streets.

I am sooo jealous by it. I supposed to think about it too! I always thought of how can I help this needy child to get money but off the streets. Seems like an impossible job! Cos the kids doesn't want to go to school, they want to play on the streets and get some money while their parents is too lazy to get their ass up and get a real job instead telling their kids to go to school and stay away from the streets. These kids are exploited by iresponsible adults and they have no power whatsoever. What these kids doing is only what they've been told by the adults around them. And when they become an adult themselves, they treat their child the same way cos its the only way they know. Its sad. Its sad how poverty works, keeping your heart cold and mean, for the sake of money.

Giving money to these really thin pathetic children is no use, I agree. But what to do? They are malnourish and very thin. They barely eat and wear decent clothing. I rarely give them money but if I do have money in my hand, I really want to give some to them, but its un-educating! So the idea of giving away milk for the kids is really a cause that I support of. I want to help if I can but the only thing I can do is to help retweet and follow them, even though I wanna help more. But I can't cos I don't have any money and cos I'm too busy to help the cause in action.

I think, when u stop thinking about "me" u start to see things. Well, maybe its the age factor but its a good thing. =]

Btw, a quick shout out to a couple of my friends :
@hanihanito : get something to eat or u'll die just eating smoke!
@tiyanasigi : thanks for making me realise how old I am. :)

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