Senin, Januari 18, 2010

My name is....

Its not Rere. Apalagi ReRe Chan. I mean its not my real name. My real name is… Reni Handayani Mirza Putri. I hold the record of having the longest characters in a name from kindergarden to college. I know that noawadays, people have longer names than I do (don’t know if its a tren) but back then, some people don’t even have a last name. Just one name and that’s it.

Funny thing about sundanese people is that their name usually in repetition so its not a family name. Like : Titin Suritin. Well, not like that, but close enough. Lol. Some Bataknese, wore their family name with proud as it shows their tribe or marga suku. My family is padangnese (no, I’ve never been to Padang before, there’s no one there) so I have my family’s name, which is Mirza, showing my tribe family name (dah kek apaan aja pake tribe segala. Lol) and the rest have no meaning whatsoever.

Once I asked my dad, what’s the meaning of my name, seeing my friends name has really cool meaning, and as far as I know, a childs name is a parents prayers. But the answer was pretty standard. My dad said that my name resembles his bosses daughter. So it was a lickass thingie, I guess, lol. Well, in his defence, he said that his bossess daughter has really good manner and smart, too. So he wishes that I have the same attitude like his bosses daughter. Can u believe it? Being compared just as u was born! How cool is that? Not to mention I have at least 1 person to have the same name as I do at school starting from middle to high school.

Well, I am pretty smart, as my dad wishes, but I don’t know about being obidiance and all that crap. Lol. Rere comes from a part of my name, re-and living between sundanese people, u just HAVE to repeat it-so it became Rere. I use it for my username on many forums so if u see a rerechan out there somewhere, that would be me. Tee hee.

Wow, this is long!

(copas dari tumblr buat bahan blog karena hape gw chargerannya ketinggalan di Ndhez)

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