Jumat, Januari 15, 2010

Okay, I admitted..

I cheated from blogger.

I have a tumblr account so you'll see me there from time to time and less here from time to time (halah!)

Come and visit : www.rere-scribble.tumblr.com

So have u read my blog? Mostly its in English, right? So u have seen how bad I am in my English, minimum vocabulary, terrible grammar, pathetic spelling, etc. Makes me wanna hang myself...

I'm usually better at this. Language thingie, I mean. I'm the top of my class on English from kindergarden all the way to college. And now just look at my English. Its pathetic! I barely use it, I rarely watch US movies/series, I barely read novels or magz in English, I don't speak much English (to whom?) So I have no way to improve my English!

The reason why I'm saying this is cos I'm extremely jealous seeing p#3 post (about avatar the movie) as she wrote in English so fluently. No mistakes, no misspelling like I always do. I'm so utterly jealous of her english capability right now, AND she can speak/write Japanese (though not fluently). Making me envy her even more cos I want to be able to speak/write/read another language as well, such as Mandarin/Cantonese, French, Japanese, etc. Me want.

I think I need to buy (or borrow) a novel in English.

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