Rabu, Januari 06, 2010

You know what's good in 2010?

Is too much twittering. Twitter is like the next best thing after Yahoo! Messenger. I mean, just HOW many Indonesian people use twitter. Just this other day, I was checking Trending Topic (or we call it TT) and to my surprise, the TT was... Yang. Anyone know what 'yang' is? Its not a foreign language. Its a verb in indonesian language. Its like... Wow! Just how many Indonesian people are tweeting?!

Indonesian people are known for their hospitality and how much they love to socialized. Without a doubt, I consider twitter not only as a micro blog but also as a fun socializing place. I love that place! A friend of mine even told me to blog more cos I haven't been blogging for a week cos of twitter (which I thought was just nonsense cos what I wrote on twitter is just random unimportant things fufu).

its kinda like plurk, but its different. I like twitter better cos there are some people that I don't really like doesn't join twitter. Ha! Or they join twitter but they enjoy plurk much more.

Well, the latest TT was kinda funny. A girl name Rana went to TT and blasted to top 3! The girl offended a lot of Indonesian people cos she call a blackberry user (like myself) and twitter user (myself included) as 'alay'. An indonesian slang for cheesy or people from the 'hood'. I was laughing about it, but better yet, I was admiring just how many indonesian people love to tweet! From mobile phone, tweetdeck, blackberry, iphone, whatever.. Its just plain weird how indonesian people love twitter.

And one other funny thing... Bono was also on TT at the same time as Rana does but when people were asking "who is Rana?" They were also asking "who is Bono?" Lol!

Bono is a vocalist for U2, a famous band from Ireland, people.

Indonesia oh Indonesia. Lol!

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