Sabtu, Februari 27, 2010

Do u regret it?

Good morning, fellas!

So today i got my hair done by my sister. I got my hair washed and blow dryed. My hair look great. Even my fringe fall in the right place. Its just that few moments in my life when i don't have a bad hair day. Its a perfect hair day. Even my powder and lipstick look great. I'm as cute as my friend Jun (who is praised for having a cute face by lurino at twitter).

I was planning to go to Bogor today (yes, to a mall) and watch a movie with a couple of networld friends. I wanted to show off my perfect hair to my friends and show them that i'm not always look that mature (a.k.a old). I look like a teenager with my short hair (i'm not making things up! >.<) and maybe i'm gonna meet someone cute at the mall or catch some 'brondong'. Lol!

But what about my jilbab?

I was sitting long and frustrated in front of the mirrorr with jilbab in my hand and my sister awaits me to go to Bogor. I wanted to show off my hair and show the world that i'm not always that lame and 'lusuh' (can't find the right word in English).

In the end, i put on my cover and go to Bogor. Even though my mom always supported me for NOT wearing my jilbab, i'm not wearing it for anyone but myself. =]

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