Selasa, Maret 02, 2010

I Love This Place

Do you know what place am I talking about? This place, this town, this suburban place where i have lived for over 10 years now. I used to hate this place. There's nothing here. Not even a movie theater. If I wanna go watch a movie, I have to go to Bogor which is 2 hour drive from my place. The mall is crappy and there's just.. Well its not like Jakarta, that's for sure. I used to live in Jakarta, you know? For about 14 years of my life. I was born there and I was raised by the basic principle of every young Jakartanians : never talk to stranger, always walk straight forwards, don't look around like your confused (, don't get too close to the neighbors, don't do this, don't do that, bla bla bla...

So I got this look from my neighbor as an arrogant person. But I'm NOT! I'm just a quiet person who doesn't talk much and doesn't smile much and have a satire sense of humor and raised not to talk nor smile to stranger or you'll get abducted and sold to some stranger in a far-far away land. Well, its the truth though! I'm not a bad person but its just who I am.

You can guess that I got some sort of culture shock when I first got here. People here demand you to say hi to the neighbors, to gossip in front of the house, to say "punten" to the elderly every time you walk passed them. Its called manner and good behavior. I know all that and I demand manner as well from the people around me (at least that I know) but somehow its really difficult for me to do the same. It took me a few years to finally understand Sundanese (while my sister mastered the language in only a few month!) and I still can't talk Sundanese properly till now. How pathetic. I just don't feel like studying the language. If I like some language, I'll try my best to study it but if I don't like it... well...

I hated here. Its my dream to move back to Jakarta (or at least Bogor, its nearer to Jakarta and its a big city). But you know what? I don't have that dream anymore. You see, a few days back, I was walking to another warnet after finishing surfing at a VERY slow warnet. And at the first warnet, I was torturing my legs. I got cramp, my legs fell a sleep. When I left the warnet, my legs was killing me. I can hardly move. So I was standing there, in front of someone's house that I don't know and there was a couple of 'Bapak-bapak' there. They're chatting in front of their house, enjoying the afternoon. So, I was standing there, bending to my knee, waiting for my legs to feel again, some guy (bapak2 gitu) come to me and suddenly massaging my legs and trying to help my legs to feel again. He advice me about cramps and massaging them till their fine again.

For the record, I was wearing a jilbab and jeans and he wasn't trying to hit on me. He was trying to help me. Sincerely. I was very touched and feel like crying. I said thanks so many times and he just nods saying that its okay and go back to his house to continued the chat with his friends. There's no motives, no... Nothing. He was sincere. I can feel it to the back of my bones. It was heart warming. Its the first time I feel like... I'm home. I don't wanna move to Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung or other big cities. This heart warming scene only exist in the small city where the people are nice and they know their neighbors (of course, 5 km range from their house are all siblings). Well, the point is... I love where I am right now and I thank the Lord for putting me here since years ago. =]

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