Selasa, Maret 08, 2011

Day 3— Your parents

My parents are... hmmm.. how do you say this?

My beginning?

There's a beginning and there's an end. My story of life started with my parents. They're the first people I met (except for the doctors who help delivered me) and the first people who love me.

I can assure you that I don't have a normal, happy childhood like what the civil standard of a normal, happy childhood, but I survive, my sister also survive and I think the main reason we both survive is because my parents keep being together. They don't split up and left us in a relatives house, living a gloom life. No, they hang on and stay together, keeping the family intact. Sometimes I just can't stand it and wish they'd just split up already and move on... But for some reason, they still hang in there, through everything and all...for their children: me and my sister.

I thank them for their judgment to keep the family together cos it made me stronger. I thank them for keeping me by their side even though I know they can't afford it cos it made me feel that I have to take care of them as they did to me.  I thank them for putting my education first, which made me smarter than my other snob rich relatives. I thank them for their trust on me, it made me the independent woman I am today.

I'm sorry I'm not married yet and haven't give you the grandchild you want, mom, dad. But I am who I am today cos of you. So I thank you. :)

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