Kamis, Maret 10, 2011

Day 4 — Your sibling (or closest relative)

Day 4! Yeay! Berhubung internet kantor gw tumben jalan, jadi gw memutuskan untuk blogwalking lalu keingetan sama blog gw sendiri yang udah bersarang laba-laba. :D So here I am, blogging. Wasting my time since I have some spare time after NOT being a BP at my office anymore (YEAY!).

So day 4 is about my sibling... I have 2 sibling but I feel like I only have 1. My little sister, Natasha Mirza Putri. 

So yeah, she's all I got. I grew up with her and she's a little spoiled brat if you ask me. Its my fault for spoiling her in the first place, anyway... so, I got no one to blame. She's stronger than me and she's really mature in her own way. I learn how to be confident because of her. When I was still a teenager, I don't have any confident what so ever, and my sister.. well, she's just the way she is now: super confident! So I learn to except myself and to say to myself: hey, you're pretty, you're smart, you deserve more than what you have now! And so I did and this is how I become. I've come a long way since my teens.

My older sister name is Ayu Miranti. She's 2 years older than me, and my little sister is 2 years younger than me. We grew up in separate places so we're not really that close. But you can always see that we're related, seeing that if would be standing together, you could tell that we look so much alike.

Well... that's my sibling. Love 'em! :D

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