Senin, Maret 14, 2011

Day 5 — Your dreams

Now here's the hard part... I'm proud to say that I have no dream. Wait, that sounds so pathetic...

The truth is, I had a vague image of someone to become when I was little. I wanna be just like my mom. She work at the prestigious Sudirman Street, wearing fancy professional outfits, working in an aircon room with foreigner as her boss. I thought it was so cool, all of the above. That's why I wanna be just like my mom, a carrier woman, a business woman, a young professional. That's so cool in my head that I even started reading 'Femina' magazine since very young (well, my mom subscribe to it, so yeah I read it).

Now that I think about it, my dream is so plain. LOL! And if you look at it from a certain angle, I got my dream already. I'm now working as a PNS, a carrier woman, just like I always wanted. So now that I achieve my dream, the normal thing to do, I should get a new dream, right?

The problem with that is, I don't have any dreams. I mean, I just live life day by day with this so epicly boring feeling in my heart. I also wanted to abroad, traveling around the world (alone or with friends) and I'm achieving that too, little by little. I went to Singapore last year and I'm planning to go to China next year, both with dear friends. So that dream is coming true too, and now, I need another long term dream. My short term dream right now is to have a cool android smart phone so I can chat, blog and browsing with ease. I prefer netting by phone for some reason...

Oh! I do want to move to a better place than where I live right now, and I still want a fine library on my house someday even though I don't read that much anymore (I still need a place for my books, tho). So, that's my dream... for now.

I wanna have a sweet dream, a very sweet dream. I will. Someday.

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