Rabu, Maret 16, 2011

Day 6 — A stranger

I don't really get what this means... A stranger?

I met with a lot of strangers in my life. I met them via internet. I have a lot of strangers listed as my 'friends' on facebook *proud* #apeu.

I met a lot of strangers from daredarou, my first online community forum. I like the people that I met there. They're all so nice and welcoming to me. I go to a lot of Japanese events in Jakarta, get to know how to get around cos of it and I know more about Japanese culture than I need or wanted to know. Lol. Well, the most precious things I got from surfing the net is, I get to talk with peculiar and unusual people. Interesting people. And if I'm lucky, I get to meet them in person and chat even more.

Its funny that in person, I'm very protective about this whole stranger thing. It feels more safe and nice to talk to strangers at a chat room or a community forum on the internet, rather than actually meeting with strangers. I don't really talk to strangers, especially those who I meet on the bus, or train. My friend, Cubs, like to talk to strangers he met on trains or bus but than again, he's a guy. I'm a girl. I can't talk to strangers, what if the person I talk to is a con artist and they drug me and took all my money, or worst, kidnap me and... eww just imagining it make me feel chill on my spine.

My parents always make sure when I was a kid that I don't talk to strangers. Maybe that's why I don't even know who live right next door *gubrak*.

But I learn that not all strangers are bad, if you get to know them, these strangers can be a friend. A dear friend. Or my be a soulmate? Who knows?

Before we becomes friends, couples, aren't we all just strangers to each others?

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