Kamis, Maret 24, 2011

Miss W (Whiner)

Hey, let me share you guys about what happen with me today.

I cried.

Not once, twice.

Keren ya? :D

Jadi ceritanya gw sedang merefleksi diri (mengasihani diri.red) dan gw menemukan bahwa hidup gw sangatlah menyedihkan (saat ini). Dalam keadaan super bokek, tekanan kanan kiri, suasana kantor yang ga mendukung, no one to talk to (ya sebenernya gw bersyukur Cubung sms pas gw emang pengen curhat, turns out, its his birthday today! Congratz, man!) dan keluarga yang menurut gw kurang suportif juga bikin nambah tekanan di pundak gw yang udah berat penuh beban.

And so, I let all my pressure and stress out with the only way I know how, crying. If I hold a cigarette in my hand at that time, I'll smoke my stress out. But I didn't have one and too broke to buy one. Feels so miserable and really need someone to talk to (at 1 AM). When I cried the second time, it was noon and I cried in the toilet. A romantic place to cry. Really, I was really stressed out. All those burden are in my shoulder and I have no one to share my burden with.

I'm fine right now. I had a few laughs and I'm meeting a friend from work and hoping to get a few laughs as well. Its funny sometimes I think the people who are the furthest away from me are usually the closest friend I got.

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