Kamis, April 14, 2011


Its fine!

Being alone is fine. Really. I'm being serious here. Maksudnya bukan alone apa-apa, tapi berkaitan dengan tweetnya Sari yang intinya mengatakan kalau kita bisa marah, kesel dan berantem sama ortu kita tapi bayangkan betapa sedihnya kalau kita wisuda, menikah dan melahirkan anak tanpa kehadiran mereka. To which i reply : 'biasa aja tuh #nomention'

Well, as some people would know, cos i share this story with them, my parents didn't show up at my graduation a.k.a wisuda. As they didn't show up at my sister graduation, me and my sister high school graduation, me and my sister middle school and elementary graduation. They didn't make any effort of me trying to go to umptn (its what it called at the time) or even help me with the registration with any of my or my sister school and college.

I took care of everything myself. Me and my sister, we take care of each other. I don't know what would happen in the future but 1 thing i know for sure, if me or my sister ever get married, i'll take care of everything myself and i am the one who will take care of my sister's wedding.

It got nothing to do with love, regret or anything like that. I have always take care of myself and my little sister since i can remember. Now that i earn my own money, i take care of my parents too. Its about being responsible and obligated to be the backbone of the family. Most of the people i know never know how it feels and probably will never know. I don't blame 'em. I'm just sharing what cross my mind when i read that oh-so-naive-tweet. Oh, well.

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