Jumat, April 08, 2011

head turner

Jadi ceritanya begini... Secara tiba-tiba gw mulai merhatiin penampilan gw lagi. I put more attention on my make up, i started wearing heels again, and what do you know? I am a head turner again.

Head turner is when a girl so stunning, every man would follow her movement with his eyes followed with his head. He'll watch the girl till she's out of his sight.

I'm not being overconfident or making things up. Its the truth! I don't care if people would think i'm a snob or something. Its the truth. Its not all about the make up or sexy clothing to be a head turner, you know? Its not like i'm doing it on purpose. I'm wearing hijab, the purpose of hijab is NOT to be a head turner.

Its all about the attitude.

If you look pretty, you feel pretty, you walk with confidence, other people would look at you and say, 'ah, she's so pretty...,'
If you look pretty but you don't feel pretty and you're not confident with yourself, who would even think you're pretty? Apparently, even yourself doesn't think you're pretty.

Anyway, it feels good to be a head turner once again. It should happen more often. Lol!

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