Sabtu, Oktober 01, 2011

hei, stranger..

You know? We used to be close but now i can't come near you. I feel insecure around you and kinda scared that you'd hurt my feelings and make me really dislike you. I don't want to dislike you, you're great, everyone like you, thats why i even don't want to dislike you even more. I hope you change but i have my doubts.

I know you miss me and i really miss you too but again... I'm scared that you'll hurt me (again) and make me dislike you (again). I'm sorry if i seem to be avoiding you. Its just that... I don't know if you've become mature enough to be my friend. You're still very young and i forgot about it every single time. Its my fault. I don't know how long are we still going to be friends but i guess we'll see.

Lets still be friends. :)
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