Rabu, Juli 31, 2013

Look who's here!

Its 2013, bitches!

After abandoning my blog for 2 LONG YEARS, my bf has persuade me to write a new blog but since yours truly is too lazy to make a new blog (all the fuss with the design layout, which blog site should I choose, what kind of stories would I post) I decided to keep my old depressed blog and ressurect it to life! Yes! My friends has ask me to start writing again in these past 2 years, so this is me, writing.

So what's new in the past 2 years? A lot, actually. Now I'm 2 years older, feel like 2 years younger and currently dating someone who IS 2 years younger (I still got swag!). I've took my hijab off, cut my hair short, dye my hair black 3 times already cos of my grey hair that's popping everywhere (feel like a granny sometimes), I have joined a new community that change my life, its called couchsurfing (a travel community that redefines the word numpang), but all my close friends are still the ones from Indohogwarts, somehow I found myself could not relate to the couchsurfer as they are too extreme in traveling or too extreme in partying or sometimes both. As for me, I just start to pick up traveling as a hobby very recently (and also partying as part of my new hobby) but I can't say I'm enjoying it as much as my new friends from couchsurfing as they can go traveling for days, weeks, months even years (or partying every single weekend). I choose to be moderate. I am still figuring out what type of traveling that suited my style best.

Anyway, I don't know what I'm going to write in this blog in the future. Will it be a food blog, as I am now a bit obsessed to find and try new restaurant all over Jakarta with my bf every weekend (I can afford going every weekend cos he's paying, otherwise I'll just make warteg reviews instead of restaurants review - nothing wrong with warteg though, the best sampling for Indonesian food is at warteg, I'm sure my bf would agree with me on that), or should I fill it up with agony, complaints and depressed feelings that I have about my family, friends or life in general (FYI, I don't have that kind of feelings anymore, except when my bf and I started talking about politic and crappy government - d'oh! I work for the local government, which is still crappy, btw) or should I talk about happy stuff and brag about my bf hoho how do you like that, eh?

Aside from my new astonishment to a British actor called Benedict Cumberbatch (for which my friend actually dedicate her old tumblr to be a fangirl site of Benedict Timun - as I like to say it) and my healing from kpop addiction (probably cos I'm no longer single so I have better stuff to do than screaming to the ever so popular G-Dragon and the ever so hot TOP), I am living my life a day at a time.

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